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The General Bagration, 1799

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      Pyotr Bagration (1769-1812), infantry general, assistant of Suvorov. He was born in Kizlyar in 1769 and came from an ancient Georgian princely family. He began his military service in 1783 as a private in the Astrakhan Infantry Regiment, stationed in the vicinity of Kizlyar. In 1786-1791 he served in the Caucasian Infantry Regiment, successively going through all levels of military service from sergeant to captain. He participated in the Russo-Turkish War of 1787-1791, the hostilities in the Caucasus (1789-1791), and the Polish campaigns of 1792 and 1794. He distinguished himself during the assaults of Ochakovo and Prague (a suburb of Warsaw), during the latter he was noticed by A.V. Suvorov and was close to him. In 1797 - commander of the 6th Jaeger Regiment, and the following year promoted to colonel. In February 1799 he received the rank of Major General. In 1799, during the Italian and Swiss campaigns of Suvorov, General P. Bagration commanded the vanguard of the allied army, especially distinguished himself in battles on the rivers Adda and Trebbia, at Novi and St.Gotard. This campaign glorified him as an excellent general, whose peculiarity was complete composure in the most difficult situations. In the battle of Borodino on September 7, 1812, the army of General Bagration, making up the left wing of the battle formation of the Russian troops, repelled all attacks of Napoleon's army, but suffered heavy losses. The general himself was seriously wounded and died on September 24, 1812.

Size:1/30 (60 mm)

Materials: tin alloy, acrylic paints