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Grenadier, Moscovsky Grenadier Regiment, 1799

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The Moscovsky Grenadier Regiment is one of the oldest regiments of the Russian army. It was formed in 1642, as the 1st Moscovsky electoral regiment. In 1687, it was renamed to Lefortovsky soldier’s, and from 1727 to the 1st Moscovsky Infantry Regiment again. In 1791, the regiment was named Moscovsky Grenadier. During the next more than a century-long path of military service, battles and campaigns, the Moscovsky Grenadier Regiment carried its name with honor. 

The regiment received the first combat experience in 1794, taking part in the defeat of the uprising of T. Kostyushko on the territory of the Poland. In 1798, the Moscovsky Grenadiers were incorporated into the troops intended to participate in the foreign campaign and the war against Republican France. In 1799, Field Marshal Suvorov was appointed commander of the Allied army of Russia and Austria, side by side with which the Moscovskiy grenadiers went through all the trials of the Italian campaign and the hardest Alpine campaign.  Grenadiers fought bravely in the vanguard under the command of Major General Prince Bagration. In the fierce battle of Trebbia, the Moscovskiy grenadiers bore the brunt of the battle, their steadfastness largely predetermining its successful outcome. 

For successful actions at the beginning of the Italian campaign, the regiment was granted a collective award "Grenadier march" on June 16, 1799. Dozens of officers of the regiment for the Italian campaign and the Alpine campaign of 1799 were awarded the emperor Paul I by the Russian orders of St. Anne and John of Jerusalem, some of them more than once, and individual officers also received awards from the allied monarchs. Hundreds of the privates and NCOs of the regiment were awarded the Medal of Honor of the Order of St. Anne ("Annian" medal). 

In addition to the Grenadier march and the prize banners, the regiment repeatedly received another collective award — money for each soldier of the regiment. In the spring of 1800, the Moscovsky Grenadier Regiment returned to Russia from a long foreign campaign. Having replenished with people and having healed the wounds, the regiment soon was ready for new battles and campaigns, which were not slow to follow, but already in the reign of the new Emperor Alexander I.

 Size 1:30 (60 mm)

 Materials: tin alloy, acrylic paints