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NCO of assault groups, 1916

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Assault units and groups intended for raids on enemy entrenchments. The most brave and experienced soldiers were recruited into these units. Assault units’ members studied special tactical movements necessary for fight in narrow and dangerous entrenchments. Assault groups were for the first time used during the Battle of Verdun and originally consisted of teams of three persons. Assault groups proved themselves so successfully that experience of their formation was used further, and in 1916 Assault companies were created/ in 1918 majority of the German Field armies on the Western front had already Assault battalions.

The captain Ulrich Rohr was one of the main authors of the idea of Assault units’ creation. He personally developed the majority of the technical equipment models used by the assault soldiers in combats.

Size: 1:32 (54 mm)

Materials: tin alloy, tempera and acrylic paints